Byron Easy


Meet Byron Easy - just turned thirty, unpublished poet, failed womaniser and borderline alcoholic. It is December 24th, 1999 and Byron is travelling to his mother’s house in Leeds for Christmas. As he does we relive his childhood, glitzy marriage and metropolitan friendships; a process which allows him to ponder betrayal, love and the nature of memory. As his carriage speeds him towards the surprise awaiting at his destination, his self-questioning eventually becomes as urgent an imperative as the approaching millennium. Can he redeem the past and live on into the savage new century? Funny and profound, lyrical and acerbic, vulnerable and misanthropic, Byron does every register from high comedy to tragedy.

'An exuberant debut . . . razor-sharp' Daily Mail 

'There's an addictive charm . . . that gives a potency to this ambitious tale' Financial Times

'Descriptions of Easy's fellow passengers have a malevolent brio that calls to mind Martin Amis . . . with many passages of real beauty and humour' Times Literary Supplement

'Daring, moving, imaginative and, above all, funny' Sunday Mirror

'This beautifully written debut' Irish Examiner 

'Ravishing in its examination of beauty, sexual candour, suspense . . . a rolling and rocking ballad of survival and love' Booklist

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